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380pcs 3.2V 300Ah lifepo4 battery to USA

A customer from the USA recently purchased 380pcs 3.2V 300Ah TSWB-LYP300AHA Winston cells for their new project. According to the customer's description, the cells will be used in a hydrogen quipement - mobile refuelers. The total voltage of the system is 240V, so the batteries will be divided into 5 groups of 75 cells in series, with the remaining 5 cells as spares. We grouped the 380 batteries accordingly to the customer's configuration.



The customer has urgent delivery requirements for this batch of goods. In order to catch up with the customer's product manufacturing schedule, we have carried out several work simultaneously. On the one hand, we prepared the batteries in the fastest efficiency, and on the other hand, we customized the UN boxes in accordance with the Category 9 dangerous goods air freight standard in an urgent manner, so as to ensure that the gross weight of each box of batteries is less than 30kg. Before shipment, we also do quality inspection to ensure all cells are in perfect condition. 

Please check the test report below:

Test Report

Bolt assemblies and copper connectors are ready within 1-2 days. We immediately made an appointment with DHL to deliver them to the customer's address.

Bolts and Connectors

In the end, it only took about a week to get the batteries and packaging ready. And then we sent them to the forwarder's warehouse for labeling and export declaration before shipping.

Regarding the shipment, each battery was packed in a separate inner box, with 2 batteries in one UN box. 380 cells were packed in 190 UN boxes, with a total gross weight of 3,895kg. As Christmas is approaching, UPS limited shipments, and all goods were divided into 8 shipments. They were delivered on December 22th.


380pcs 300Ah cells

Tracking information:

Tracking information


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