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2pcs 3300w charger shipped to Colombia

The Colombian customer placed an order for two 3.3kw chargers again after two months. We provide the input male and female plug models required by the customer, and the customer also requires that our female plug does not need to be connected, and the customer will connect it to the car by himself.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the importance of efficient and high-performance charging solutions cannot be overstated. Among the various charging options available, the 3KW charger has emerged as a standout performer, providing an excellent balance of power, efficiency, and convenience for EV users.

3.3kw on board charger

3kw on board charger specification



Attached are production pictures.

obc charger

The customer placed an order on November 18th, and the goods were ready and shipped to our freight forwarder on the 23rd. After several days of arranging the warehouse, it was shipped on December 2nd, and the customer signed for it on December 15th.


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