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2.3V 10Ah 32145 LTO Batteries and 3.2V 8Ah 38120HP LiFePO4 Batteries To Hungary

32145 lto batteries 38120hp

A client from Hungary ordered some 2.3V 10AH 32145 Lithium titanate and 3.2V 8AH 38120HP LiFePO4 cylindrical cells.

The 2.3V 10Ah 32145 LTO battery cell is screws model, the dimension is 33.5*145mm, and it has 10C high charge/discharge rate, more than 2000times cycle life, a opearting temperature range of -40íŠ~60
íŠ, can be widely used in AGV, construction machinery, energy storage, starting, etc.

38120Hp LiFepO4 battery cell is a mature model in the market, as a kind of LiFePO4 battery, it has a max charge rate of 10C and discharge rate of 30C, a long cycle life of more than 2000times, also has the advantages of steady performance, high energy density, safety, ligter and smaller, operating temperature range; there are also all kinds of accessories to fit it for easy connection.

All battery cells we provided are guaranteed to be brand new A grade cels, we also provide full technical supports; just fell free to CONTACT US if you have any demand.

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