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1.5KW OBC On Board Battery Charger to The UK

A customer from the UK ordered two 1.5KW SMCZ1 2430A on board battery chargers for his 24V LTO cold storage batteries. The input of the chargers is 220VAC, have a maximum charging voltage of 30V(CAN Communication), and a maximum output current of 30A. We provide the chargers with CANBUS communication. 

On board battery charger OBC Battery charger

The SMCZ1 On Board Battery Charger
has the functions of overcurrent limit, reverse connection protection, temperature protection, short-circuit protection, timing shutdown, full automatic shutdown, anti-Walking Function (initial value Normally closed type), LED Indicator for Charging Process, temperature compensation (Not Used on Lithium Batteries), 

The chargers were packed in two cartons and delivered by FedEx. It will take about one week to arrive at the destination.

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