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Fortune 100ah lifepo4 prismatic cells were Shipped to the USA

An American customer purchased 16 Fortune 3.2 V 100ah LiFePO4 cells and planned to assemble his 48v lifepo4 battery pack, shown on his YouTube channel. The battery voltage test results were identical and very even, indicating good quality. 

We packed these 16 fortune lifepo4 cells, free busbars, nuts, holders, and other accessories into a carton with UN3480 certification; each battery cell has a package. We filled spongs to ensure the safety of the battery during transportation.

Fortune lifepo4 battery cell 100ah

And then, we received feedback from the customer that he was delighted with our service. We told the customer all the steps of the order.

Fortune LiFePO4 power battery cell has the characteristics of fast charging, high energy storage, ultra-low impedance, ultra-high energy ratio, and energy storage efficiency. It is safer, more environmentally friendly, stable, and efficient. 

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