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EVE LF230 230Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells Shipped to France

We recently sent a 16PCS EVE LF230 230Ah LiFePO4 battery cell to a French customer. The model LF230 has no bolts on the terminals, so he asked us to weld M8 bolts and provide connecting pieces for these batteries. And provide him with a factory inspection report before shipment.

This customer is our first cooperation, so we did not charge the connection fee. A customer is a person who understands batteries very well and has asked for every detail. We provided him with brand new grade A LiFePO4 cells with an actual capacity that is 6% high than the rated capacity.

EVE LF230 LiFePO4 Battery France

EVE LF230 prismatic LiFePO4 battery cell is a new model produced by EVE energy, and it is an excellent choice for energy storage with a good cycle life of more than 4000 times and a low price.

The delivery time of the battery is much shorter than the delivery time reported to the customer. Now, we have sent these batteries to him via UPS.

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