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EVE LF105 105Ah Prismatic Batteries Were Shipped to Morocco

We recently delivered 1120 EVE LF105 3.2 v 105Ah lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery cells by boat from Hongkong to Casablanca, Morocco. These LiFePO4 batteries were packed into 70 UN3480 certified cartons of 16 cells each and fixed on pallets. 

lifepo4 battery morocco lf105 

These batteries are brand new grade A LiFePO4 battery cells with the model of LF105 produced by EVE. We tested each cell's voltage, internal resistance, actual capacity, and other parameters before leaving the factory. As you can see, the consistency of this batch of batteries is excellent, and the actual capacity of these batteries is 110ah, around 5% higher than the rated capacity. 

eve lifepo4 battery

The EVE LF105 3.2V 105ah lifepo4 battery cell is becoming one of the most popular models on the market with excellent performance and low price. Evlithium always provides quality LifePO4 batteries at an affordable price and has sold them worldwide.

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