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CATL 93Ah lithium NMC batteries were shipped to Australia for Samsung SDI94 94Ah lithium batteries replacement

catl nmc battery catl nmc battery

In the given scenario, the customer in Australia had a requirement for Samsung SDI 94Ah lithium batteries to replace the cells in the traction battery of a car. However, the supply of Samsung SDI94 94Ah lithium batteries was not stable or reliable. As a result, an alternative solution was proposed to the customer.

The recommended alternative was CATL 93Ah lithium NMC batteries. These lithium NMC batteries were suggested because they shared the same length and thickness dimensions as the original Samsung SDI94Ah batteries. This ensured compatibility and ease of integration into the existing battery system of the car.

Additionally, the CATL lithium NMC 93Ah batteries offered some advantages over the SDI94Ah batteries. One significant advantage was that the CATL lithium NMC 93Ah batteries were lighter in weight. This could potentially lead to improved overall vehicle performance, including increased energy efficiency and extended driving range.

By suggesting the CATL lithium NMC 93Ah batteries as a replacement, the aim was to provide the customer with a viable solution that could meet their needs while also overcoming the supply constraints of the original SDI 94Ah batteries. The lighter weight of the CATL NMC 93Ah batteries could be seen as a beneficial feature, providing potential advantages for the performance and efficiency of the customer's vehicle.

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