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CATL 3.2V 280Ah LiFePO4 Batteries shipped to UAE

A customer from the United Arab Emirates recently purchased 82 CATL 3.2V 280Ah LiFePO4 cells and 12 8S 200A 24V BMS. The batteries will be used to build seven 25.6V energy storage systems, and each bank will be equipped one BMS with active balance current. Based on the customer's need for easy battery connection, we helped the customer weld M8 bolts to terminals of all the cells and provided matching busbars.

This 3.2V 280Ah CB2W0 LiFePO4 battery is manufactured by CATL, a leading lithium battery manufacturer in China. The battery with the typical energy of 896Wh, operating voltage of 2.5~3.65V, a super long life cycle, is one of the most popular lifepo4 cells for energy storage systems.

At present, there are also 3.2V 314Ah CATL battery cells in production, which are upgraded from 280ah battery cells. They have 12% more capacity than 280ah batteries in the same size. The actual capacity is close to 320Ah and has higher energy density, also applied to energy storage systems.


Specification-3.2v 280ah

As for BMS, we provide the JK JK-B2A8S20P BMS as requested by the customer. The BMS will be used in his 8S 25.6V system, with 200A continuous discharge current and 2A active balancing current, supporting RS485 communication.

Battery Management System

For shipment, we packed the 82 cells and BMS in original CATL dangerous goods packaging, with the total gross weight of 503kg. To meet the customer's need for fast delivery, we shipped the batteries by air and delivered them to the customer's address in just one week.


Tracking information:

Tracking information

The customer tested the batteries immediately after receiving them and found that the voltage and capacity of all batteries were in perfect condition. Please refer to the evaluation video sent by the customer below:

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