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CALB 50AH and EVE 100AH shipped to USA

Our customer ordered 28pcs CALB 50AH and 16pcs EVE 100AH batteries. The customer originally wanted the CALB module, but due to the long delivery time of the CALB module, the customer chose the CALB 50AH battery cell.

Before shipment, we tested the quality of all batteries. The following is the EVE 100AH battery test report, please check it.

Our client is from the US, it's a great client, he was designing something for their company and the battery requirement was urgent.

The delivery period we offer to our customers is one month, in order not to delay the use of customers, we have been doing active communication with the manufacturer. 

The delivery period was saved nearly half of the time, and now the batteries are on the way to the United States.

The battery was transported by UPS and the customer signed for it on November 24th


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