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3.2V 280Ah CALB LiFePO4 Battery Cells to French Polynesia

A new customer from French Polynesia ordered 26pcs CALB 3.2V280Ah L173F280A LiFePO4 battery cells. This customer was introduced by his friend, one of our regular customers in French Polynesia. His friend purchased CALB 230Ah batteries from us last year and was very satisfied with the quality and performance of the batteries, so recommend CALB cells to him. Since the 280ah cell has an ultra-high cycle life of more than 9000 times, the customer finally chose this cell for his system.

We are very grateful for the customer¡¯s support, trust and recommendation. All recommended customers will be given a discounted price, and the recommender will also enjoy considerable discounts on subsequent orders. Evlithium is always committed to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and hopes to make progress and grow together with every customer.


Specification of CALB 280ah cell

It is understood that the customer will use these 280ah cells to build a 24V energy storage system. In order to make the customer mount cells easily, we welded M6 bolts and provided matching busbars and nuts for him.

All cells have been inspected before leaving the factory. From the following test reports, it can be seen that the battery has a high consistency, the voltage difference is only 0.0016V, and the internal resistance difference is only 0.01m¦¸; Moreover, the capacity of all the cells is greater than 297Ah, nearly 300Ah.

Test Report:

Test report

For packaging, the 26 cells were packed in one plywood box, filled with foam cotton. The total gross weight of the cargo is 160kgs and the volume is 0.25CBM.

Packaging for 280ah cells

The cargo carried by Maersk Seaeand, departed on July 15 will arrive at the Port of Papeete on August 24.

Please check the following tracking information for reference.

Tracking information

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