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80pcs 400Ah lifepo4 battery were shipped to America


A new customer from the United States sent us an inquiry after browsing our company's website. He wanted to purchase 80pcs 400ah lifepo4 batteries and 16S 5P Smart BMS with RS485/Uart/RS285 communication for his customer.

We actively communicated with the customer, and the customer finally decided to purchase this large-capacity energy storage lifepo4 battery cell, and then quickly completed the payment according to the proforma invoice.


This is the 400ah lifepo4 battery specification sheet:


The 400Ah LiFePO4 battery is one of the most popular cells for Energy Storage System for house, marine and Megawatt ESS.


This is the first time that the customer has purchased batteries through sea transportation to the port in China. Everything is unfamiliar to him, but it doesn't matter. We will guide the customer throughout the entire process on how to successfully clear customs and pick up the goods at the destination port.  


We quickly prepared the battery cells and bms. The picture below is a picture of the battery cells and bms when they are shipped.


400ah lifepo4 battery


The test report when the battery cells are shipped shows that the Real capacity of the new produced LiFePO4 batteries reach on 489Ah on average, that’s around 22% more than rated capacity. 

That’s one of the reasons why so many clients choose our brand new grade A 400Ah LiFePO4 cells.

All batteries are matched and with continuous serial number of same batch. It makes sure the battery pack composed of these 400ah lifepo4 batteries performs well.

test report

The batteries have been successfully shipped. This is the tracking information of the large ship.

tracking information

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