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2000pcs CALB 3.7V NMC Cells Shipped to Australia

One of our new customers from Australia purchased 1000 pcs of CALB 3.7V 58Ah and 1000 pcs of 3.7V 137Ah NMC cells for his electric vehicle and energy storage system respectively.

As the customer does not have a laser welding machine, we welded around 14mm M6 bolts for these 2000 cells and equipped all cells with M6 stainless steel anti-slip nuts.

Please refer to the specification parameters of the batteries below:

3.7V 58Ah NMC battery cell

Datasheet-3.7v 58ah

3.7V 137Ah NMC battery cell

Datasheet-3.7v 137ah

Before leaving the factory, we conducted quality inspection on all batteries to ensure good consistency.

About shipment, 2000 pcs cells are packed with 151 cartons, 7 wooden boxes and two cartons of accessories, total gross weight is 3364kg, total volume is 7.084CBM.

packgaging-3.7v 137ah

packaging-3.7v 58ah

package 1

package 2

About the shipping, we booked the earliest shipment to Sydney. It has sailed on 2th June and will arrive on 14 June. In order to help the customer to reduce the tariff, we also applied for the China-Australia Certificate of Origin.

Sailing information:

tracking information

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