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3.2V 50Ah lifepo4 cells were sent to Italy

One of our customers from Italy ordered 50 pcs of 3.2V50ah for testing. They used EVE 3.2V LF50K cells before, but since this battery has been in short supply and out of stock for a long time, we recommended the IFpP36115200-50 3.2V 50Ah lifepo4 cells to use in the customer¡¯s new prototype. The terminals of this 50ah lifepo4 cell welded M6 nuts, which are very convenient for connecting cells.

50ah lifepo4 cells shipped to italy

Before we shipped the batteries, we completed a quality inspection for these 50 batteries and provided MSDS and UN38.3 certification. We packed all batteries in UN boxes filled with foam and shipped them to Italy via UPS; the shipping time is about 8-10 working days.

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