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4S Battery Active Equalizer Balancer to Germany

Recently, our German customer ordered 50 pieces of 4S active equalizer battery balancer modules from us again. The customer needs FedEx delivery, and we prepare the goods for the customer as soon as possible and arrange the FedEx delivery.

active equlizer balancer

The active balancing method is based on the active transport of energy among the cells, not wasted (heat like passive balancing but redistributed within the battery. Thus, an efficiency of the battery of 99% is achieved.

This balancing method does not depend on the chemical characteristics of the cells and can be used for most types of modern batteries based on the dedicated DC-to-DC converter, it is more complex, but has many advantages because it is more efficient, equalizes cell voltages permanently during discharging and can"revive" even older cells. The battery stays"healthier" for many years.

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