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4S-96S BMS with Bluetooth RS232 and Active Balance to Germany


Recently our customer from Germany ordered one 36S BMS from our aliexpress store.

4-196S BMS
The configuration of the client's battery is 2 x18S, in total 36S and the common port.
36S BMS consists of one master BMS and 3pcs slave BMS.One master BMS can control 8pcs slave BMS£¬but now has updated to 16pcs£¬each slave BMS can manage 12S lithium batteries£¬ which is max 192S.
The system has functions such as single overcharge protection, single over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, high temperature protection, low temperature protection, differential pressure protection, and battery failure protection£»
The host is equipped with various running lights to indicate the system running status without using the screen£»
The BMS has 3.5 inch IPS color screen display, ultra wide viewing angle, and clear working status at a glance£»
There are two types of relay schemes: same port and split port, with different control software. The interface type needs to be determined before procurement£»
Supports RS232 TTL communication and CAN communication, with an Android mobile app that monitors and controls the status and parameter settings of the host through Bluetooth. 
please check the below picture for wiring connection of 192S common port£º

wiring connection of 192S common port
More function and information,please feel free contact us.
We have this BMS in stock so the lead time is very quick.

When the BMS ready,we tested them and send the photos to our client.

photo of 36S BMS

testing of BMS

The BMS has been sent out by air via UPS and our customer received them within 18days since the order placed.

tracking of BMS


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