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40pcs 3.65V 32Ah high-density pouch battery cells shipped to the United States


A customer from York College of the University of Pennsylvania purchased 40pcs 3.65V 32Ah high-density pouch battery cells with an energy density of up to 300wh/kg.


Their application is to use it as a battery for all electric multi rotor drones, breaking the Guinness World Record (GWR) for all electric multi propeller drones. The customer estimates that using these batteries can achieve a flight time of over 3 hours (nearly 45 minutes longer than the current GWR).


This is the specification sheet of this battery cell


This is the characteristic of this high-energy density ternary lithium battery cell


Excellent safety£ºnoncombustible and nonexplosive

                               under extreme conditions (crushing, overcharging, dropping)

Targeted design£ºCustomised services for customer needs

Extended operating temperature range£ºMeet the working conditions of - 40 ¡æ


The customer asked us to prepare the battery cells as soon as possible and choose the air ups transport method to deliver the batteries.


We will soon prepare the battery cells. This is a picture of the battery cells when they are shipped. The batteries are well fixed in the plastic device and packed in cartons to ensure that the batteries are intact when customers receive them.


The battery cells are quickly delivered to the customer.



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