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96pcs 3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells to South Africa

One of our customers from South Africa recently purchased 96 pcs of GBS-LFP200Ah-A 3.2V 200Ah battery cells.

According to the customer's description, he needs to set up 6 sets of 16S 51.2V 200Ah energy storage system. In his design, he needed a total of 96pcs of 3.2V 200Ah cells and wanted the cells to be well bundled and fixed. We designed jigs and straps for the customer's requirements that can bind a maximum of 8 cells, and provided the appropriate busbars and bolt assemblies so that the customer can easily connect and fix the batteries.


Datasheet-3.2V 200Ah

We prepared the batteries in about 2 weeks and tested the quality of each cell before shipment.

Please refer to the following Factory Inspection List.

It is not difficult to find that the battery capacity exceeds the nominal value, and both voltage and internal resistance have very good consistency.

Factory Inspection List

For shipment, all battery cells were packed in 25 cartons with the gross weight of 606kg and volume of 1.330CBM.

Batteries and Accessories

96pcs 3.2V 200Ah cells

The goods carried by COSCO will be shipped to the port of Durban first, and then will be transshipped to Johannesburg Port. It will take about total 5 weeks to arrive.

Tracking information:

Tracking information


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