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100pcs 26650 3800mah lifepo4 battery cells ship to Australia


A customer from Australia purchased 100pcs 26650 3800mah lifepo4 battery cells from us.

He told us his needs this way:

“I am looking to source a 26650 size LiFePO4 cell for an agricultural IOT product that I'm currently organising a pre-production run for.

The cell does not need to be a high current version, but would prefer higher capacity. I also do not need cell protection circuitry or assembly, just bare cells.”


We quickly recommended a suitable cell to the customer and sent the customer a specification. The customer was very satisfied with the recommended lifepo4 cell.


These are the detailed parameters of the lifepo4 battery cells:

This is a 3800mah capacity lifepo4 battery cell, the voltage is 3.2V, and the size is 26650.

26650 3800mAh LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Parameters of 26650 3800mAh LiFePO4 Battery Cell


This is a picture of the battery core when it is shipped. The battery core is well fixed in the carton. This ensures that the battery core will not be damaged during transportation and allows customers to receive intact quality battery cells.


26650 3800mah lifepo4 battery cells

This is the shipping waybill and the battery will be delivered to the customer soon.

shipping waybill


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