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128pcs CALB L160F100 3.2V 100Ah lifepo4 prismatic battery cells to Switzerland


Our customer from Switzerland purchased 128pcs CALB L160F100 3.2V 100Ah lifepo4 prismatic battery cells from us.

dimension of CALB L160F100
The batteries are for building battery packs and fitting customer's needs. our client would like to have 8pcs in series (24V). The capacity should be approx 100Ah.
They would like to use LFP batteries four autonomus weeding/data collection robots in Europe. 
The batteries should be in replaceable (up to four parallel connected) compartments (8s) to have a minimum downtime without the need of charging the whole robot.
CALB L160F100 3.2V 100Ah lifepo4 prismatic battery cell has High discharge rates£¬the continuous discharge C rate is 1C and the max discharge C rate is 3C£¬as the below picture£º

discharge current of CALB L160F100 3.2V100Ah
The batteries were packed into wooden boxes and protect well with sponge£¬we provided the matched accessories(busbars,bolts and washers),the total goss weight is 318.5KG.

photos of CALB L160F100
We shipped the batteries with door to door service by sea and the ETA is May 10,after customs clearance,the express will deliver them to our customer.

tracking of CALB L160F100

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