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180 pieces GBS-LFP200Ah-A 3.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 cells shipped to the Netherlands

A customer from the Netherlands is working on a mobile ESS project, and he turned to us to get some suggestions about the LiFePO4 cells that can match their application.

After checking the project diagram, we provide the client with two options: £¨1£©352x 3.2V 100Ah lifepo4 cells and £¨2£©176x 3.2V 200Ah lifepo4 cells. These two capacity of batteries are widely used in ESS and very cost-effective. We will provide connectors, jigs and straps to help customers assemble cells expediently.
Considering the size and weight of the whole system, the customer finally took option (2) and sourced 180 pcs GBS-LFP200Ah-A LiFePO4 3.2V 200ah cells from us; it has a nominal voltage, capacity of 3.2V 200ah, 1C fast charge and 2C max discharge rate, a long cycle life of more than 3000cycles, and a wide operating temperature range of -20~65¡æ. It is also cheaper than other battery cells on the market and is one of the best choices for energy storage systems, etc., applications.

GBS 200AH lifepo4 battery cells connectors, jigs and straps

We tested every cell with the item of internal resistance, voltage, capacity, and appearance before shipment to ensure all cells were in good condition, and every single battery cell has an actual capacity of around 212ah. We packed these 180 lifepo4 cells into 45 cartons and four cartons of accessories with a total gross weight of 1279kg, 2.39CBM, and shipped them by boat to the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

test report of 200ah lifepo4 battery cells

200Ah lifepo4 battery cells Test Report

We also provide quality brand new grade A lifepo4 battery cells with the capacities of 20ah~1000ah at reasonable prices, technical support, and warranties. Just feel free to contact us if you have any demand.

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