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Lithium ritanate LTO Battery 2.4V 1300mah cells shipped to Australia

Our client from Australia ordered 100pcs HC18650 2.4V 1300mAh LTO battery cells for a test recently.

This 1300mAh Lithium titanate 18650 battery cell is famous for its super long life cycle (more than 10000 cycles) and high C rate, popular with our clients. The battery is widely used in electric vehicle, Low temperature lighting, unmanned aerial vehicle, energy storage cabinet and so on.

Lto battery

Our customer will use the LTO cells to build battery packs (24 cells for each pack). These battery packs will be used in vary applications, such as intelligent door systems, control components for rail, or commercial vehicles.

We shipped the batteries by air with door to door service. It will take about one week to arrive.

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