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1.5KW LiFePO4 Battery Charger Delivered To Sweden

lifepo4 battery charger

A customer from Sweden ordered one unit 1.5kw on board LiFePO4 Battery charger for his 23S 60Ah lifepo4 battery pack. The charger is designed with max output current of 15A , and enable control. The input voltage of the charger is 230VAC, we will provide the European standard plug ready to use. The charger is packed in one carton and delivered by TNT.

The LiFePO4 battery charger adopts fully closed pouring and sealing heat-conducting silica gel process, with protection grade up to IP67, good shock resistance, good heat dissipation performance and long service life.The products are applicable to lithium battery, lead-acid battery, nickel metal hydride battery, etc., and can be used for battery pack cycle charging of electric vehicles, motorcycles, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, logistics vehicles, golf carts, ships, communication equipment, etc.

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