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What is the voltage range of LiFePO4 batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate battery is a kind of lithium battery because the positive material of lithium iron phosphate battery is mainly phosphorus, acid, iron, and lithium compounds named. Generally speaking, the voltage range of a lithium iron phosphate battery will be between 3.2V-3.65V. Among them, the nominal voltage is 3.2V, the cut-off charging voltage is 3.6V, cut-off discharging voltage is 2.5V. However, manufacturers use different anode materials, electrolytes and production processes, so performance will differ. Winston LiFeYPO4 battery has a wider operating voltage range of 2.8V~4.0V. 

lithium iron phosphate batteries voltage range curve

*The charge and discharge cureves of a 3.2V 20ah LiFePO4 Battery cell

The advantages of LiFePO4 batteries:

1. Free of cobalt and other precious metals, simple raw material acquisition and low cost;
2. the battery has high-temperature resistance, the thermal runaway temperature can reach about 800 degrees, and good safety performance;
3. the battery cycle life can reach more than 3500 times, some can reach 5000 times, long service life;
4. The operating voltage of the battery is 3.2-3.4V, which can meet the basic requirements of the on-board battery;
5. after the battery life expires, 80% of the stored electricity still has a high recovery value.

The disadvantages of LiFePO4 batteries:

1. low-temperature performance is poor, about minus 20 degrees. Battery attenuation will reach about 55%;
2. low energy density, every 150wh/kg, the battery volume/weight will be relatively large.
3. the battery life is long, but the battery pack life is short, generally about 500 times;
4. the battery's overall production cost is high;

5. the battery process performance is unstable, with poor consistency.

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