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EVE Launches New Generation LF560K Energy Storage Battery

The LF560K battery adopts CTT (Cell to TWh) technology, an innovative cell technology for TWh level energy storage, which makes system integration extremely simple and enables cost reduction at both the cell and system level, and is expected to start global delivery in the second quarter of 2024.

Based on CTT technology, the LF560K battery can reduce the total system cost, has a large capacity of 560Ah, can store 1.792kWh of energy in a single battery, and has a cycle life of more than 12,000 times to meet the high economic demand of the energy storage market.


In system integration applications, LF560K cells can reduce the number of cells by 50%, simplify the number of Pack parts by 47%, and increase production efficiency by 30% compared to LF280K cells. In addition, by optimizing the cluster level size, the container power can be increased by 6.5%, perfectly adapted to industry-standard integration solutions and reduces the cost of use for customers.

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