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Narada's Revolutionary 340Ah Energy Storage Battery


The 14th edition of the China International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition took place in Hangzhou from March 10 to 13. Narada showcased an array of their newest energy storage products and solutions, and engaged in discussions about the evolution and growth of the energy storage sector with industry peers.


Narada’s 340Ah Battery for Energy Storage Makes Its Worldwide Introduction


The exhibition saw the unveiling of Narada’s upgraded 340Ah battery dedicated to energy storage, which garnered significant attention. The capacity of Narada’s energy storage battery has been enhanced from 314Ah to 340Ah, marking an increase in capacity of over 20%. Furthermore, it boasts an energy capacity of 1,088 Wh. The energy per unit surpasses 1 kWh, and the volumetric energy density is in excess of 420 Wh/L.


340ah lifepo4 battery cell for ess

The 340Ah battery maintains the same dimensions as the 280Ah/314Ah battery, implying that it is compatible with all energy storage packs and systems designed around the 280Ah/314Ah cell. This compatibility aids in reducing system depreciation costs.


center L liquid cooling energy storage system

The 340Ah energy storage battery employs pre-lithium design technology to optimize lithium usage during the cycle and mitigate the adverse impact of lithium consumption on the cycle. Moreover, the capacity of the 20ft energy storage system outfitted with Narada’s 340Ah energy storage battery has been augmented to 5.43MWh, facilitating a sustained increase in energy within standard sizes.

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