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Advancing Industrial Energy Storage Solutions with CORNEX


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CORNEX is dedicated to furnishing industrial users with cutting-edge energy storage technology and applications that offer full coverage and high value. Displaying its independently developed 150Ah cell, CORNEX provides robust support for frequency modulation in energy storage on the generation side. The 280Ah and 314Ah battery cells ensure remarkable efficiency, safety, and long cycle life for large-scale power storage needs. Furthermore, the 233 kWh liquid cooling outdoor cabinet offers enhanced cost-effectiveness and flexibility, significantly amplifying the overall benefits of industrial and commercial energy storage solutions. With a solid foundation in various technological pathways and product matrices, CORNEX has garnered considerable attention from attendees, drawing in a large number of prospective customers.

At the exhibition, CORNEX's "314Ah + 5MWh", the industry's first batch to be mass-produced, stole the spotlight. The Conergy π 314Ah cell boasts an impressive cycle life of 12,000 times, a high energy density of 185 Wh/kg, and incorporates diverse innovative technologies, making it an optimal solution for high-capacity requirements at the system level. The 5MWh battery energy storage container, equipped with Conergy π 314Ah battery cells, strikes a balance between cost and system capacity within a standard 20-foot container. The CORNEX team presented the design and technical accomplishments of the CORNEX M5 to customers, whose exceptional performance in terms of "More Capacity, More Economical, More Safety, More Efficiency, More Applications" was duly acknowledged.

CORNEX is actively bolstering its research and development, manufacturing, and service capabilities to offer global customers a wide range of comprehensive product supplies and technical support, with the aim of promoting the widespread adoption of clean energy.

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