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Hithium's 300Ah Cells to Power 5GWh Energy Storage for Powin Worldwide



Hithium Inks 5GWh Battery Supply Deal with Powin for Global Energy Storage Projects



Hithium has entered into an agreement to provide Powin, LLC, a global energy storage platform provider, with 5GWh of battery cells. The deal, spanning three years, follows their initial agreement in 2023 for the delivery of at least 1.5GWh. Hithium will supply Powin with the specified energy storage capacity in the form of its robust 300Ah lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cells.

Renowned for their durability, Hithium's 300Ah cells utilize a unique technology for the active and sustained release of lithium ions, resulting in a cell lifespan exceeding 12,000 cycles. These cells exhibit stable operation with a maximum 2% aging effect over the first thousand cycles, in contrast to the approximately 6% degradation rate prevalent in the industry. The company's advanced and automated production lines contribute to the cells' reliable performance.


hithium 300ah lifepo4 battery cell


Monee Pang, Vice President of Hithium, expressed pride in gaining Powin's trust and achieving this significant milestone within the first year in the global market. Pang highlighted the agreement as the largest delivery outside of Hithium's home market in China, emphasizing the innovative aspects of the 300Ah cell in enhancing battery life and performance efficiency.

Powin, headquartered in Oregon with global projects, specializes in turnkey energy storage systems, offering advanced hardware and software solutions. The company's Vice President of Global Procurement, Jason Eschenbrenner, welcomed Hithium as a supplier, citing the 300Ah cell's exceptional reliability and longevity as a crucial building block for their large-scale energy storage projects.

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