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Hithium’s Breakthrough: The HiTHIUM ∞Block Energy Storage System

5mwh bess container

On September 12, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV, Hithium unveiled a new 5 MegaWatt hours (MWh) container product. This product, housed in a standard 20-foot container, is a more compact, higher-capacity second-generation energy storage system (ESS 2.0). It comes pre-installed and ready for connection. The system is equipped with 48 battery modules, each offering a capacity of 104.5 kWh. These modules are based on the manufacturer’s new 314 Ah LFP cells and are designed to cater to large utility scale systems.

Thanks to its compact design, the 5 MWh container offers an energy density of 117 Wh/l, which is 46% higher than the 80 Wh/l found in standard systems that use 280 Ah cells. The product is also technically compatible with the power control systems of most leading inverter brands, including bidirectional inverters.

The new energy storage system, dubbed the “HiTHIUM ∞Block,” incorporates the company’s mature multi-level, liquid-cooling technology. This technology ensures that cell temperature variation remains below 3° Celsius. Intelligent thermal management further allows the system to optimize battery power and minimize internal energy consumption. Additional safety features include multi-level fault detection systems, cell monitoring, gas and smoke detection, and automated fire extinguishing.

Hithium first shared news of this groundbreaking product with key customers and industry partners at a private VIP event ahead of the RE+ trade fair in Las Vegas. This announcement, following the company’s global launch earlier this year, marks its first new product reveal outside its home market of China.

Mizhi Zhang, Hithium’s Head of Global Business, stated, “The way our team achieved the breakthroughs needed to bring this product to market affirms our core vision. The goal is to scale energy storage, making it more cost-effective. This new 5 MWh container demonstrates that we can increase capacity and reduce LCOS, thereby making the energy transition genuinely affordable.”

Since its establishment in 2019, Hithium has shipped 11 GWh of battery products and plans to expand its production capacity to 70 GWh by the end of this year.

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