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CORNEX Debuts High-Capacity Batteries for Sustainable Energy Storage

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On September 12, local time, CORNEX made its debut at Booth 21046 during RE+, the largest professional solar energy exhibition in North America. At the heart of CORNEX's showcase were its energy storage products, featuring the Conergy ¶– 314Ah high-capacity LiFePO4 battery cell. This offering presented an innovative solution with a focus on extended lifespan, enhanced security, and improved yields, all contributing to the global goal of achieving zero-carbon emissions.

In the context of the global energy storage market, long-cycle batteries hold significant value, making it imperative to overcome the traditional battery lifespan limitations. CORNEX demonstrated its proprietary Conergy ¶– 314Ah high-capacity battery cell, distinguished by its remarkable longevity, heightened security measures, and increased energy yields. This breakthrough technology extends battery life to more than 20 years through the utilization of cutting-edge carbon-coating treatments, precursor modification processes, and high-temperature-resistant electrolytes.

Furthermore, CORNEX unveiled its 5MWh liquid cooling energy storage container, centered around the Conergy ¶– 314Ah cell and featuring the company's pioneering "Submerge" battery safety system. This innovation not only boosts energy storage capacity but also significantly reduces the initial investment and overall energy costs throughout its lifespan, thanks to a series of new battery cabinets and modules designed for longevity, offering over 12,000 cycles.

RE+ is recognized as North America's premier clean energy event, attracting prominent companies from more than 60 countries. Attendees engaged in extensive discussions concerning the global energy transition and sustainable development, with the collective aim of fostering the prosperity of the clean energy industry.

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