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CORNEX Yichang Manufacturing Base Starts Production And 320Ah Vessel Special Battery Cell Launch

cornex battery 320ah

On August 28, the production ceremony for the Phase I of CORNEX Lithium-ion Battery Industrial Park Yichang Project and 320Ah Vessel Special Battery Cell Launch was held in Yiling District, Yichang City, China.

The new generation "320Ah" battery cell for Vessel special, independently developed by CORNEX, enhances the thermal insulation capacity of the battery cell by optimizing the cathode and anode, electrolyte, ceramic diaphragm, and other materials and structures. This guarantees the stability and safety of the long-term cycling process. With a lifespan exceeding 20 years, the product's integrated system can reduce overall components by 10%, ultimately aiding customers in cost reduction.  Moreover, the product boasts remarkable performance, energy efficiency, safety, and endurance, thereby providing robust product support for the successful implementation of the "Electric Yangtze River" initiative.

With a total investment of about US$870 million, CORNEX (Yichang) Lithium-ion Battery Industrial Park Project has a planned capacity of 150GWh, and provide more than 20,000 job positions. The project is divided into four phases. The first phase of the project, put into operation today, has a planned capacity of 40GWh, with four intelligent and modern super cell plants of 523 meters long and 123 meters wide. This section of the project comprises 22 fully automated production lines capable of generating over 20 products, including battery cells, Packs and modules, large energy storage containers, etc. Power products cover passenger and commercial vehicles, ships, heavy trucks and other fields, while energy storage products cover a variety of application scenarios such as user side, industrial and commercial side, grid side, and power side needs. Upon the project's initial launch, an annual industrial output value of US$3.8 billion and tax revenue of US$220 million are expected to be realized.

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