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CATL's Shenxing Battery Receives TECHNOBEST 2024 Award


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On December 15, the international jury panel of AUTOBEST revealed that CATL's Shenxing battery clinched the prestigious TECHNOBEST 2024 award after garnering votes from jury members representing 31 European nations. This marks the first time a battery product has earned the TECHNOBEST award, and CATL proudly stands as the inaugural China-based company to achieve this distinction.

AUTOBEST stands as one of Europe's esteemed auto juries, recognizing excellence since 2001. The jury highlighted Shenxing battery for its disruptive innovation: "CATL introduced Shenxing, the world's pioneer in 4C superfast charging LFP batteries, capable of delivering a 400 km driving range in just 10 minutes of charging, alongside an impressive 700 km range on a single full charge. Shenxing is anticipated to significantly allay fast charging concerns for EV users, heralding an era of EV superfast charging. Emphasizing the fundamentals of electrochemistry, CATL continues to innovate in material, electrochemistry, and system structure, achieving superfast charging, high energy density, and elevated safety concurrently in a groundbreaking manner. Shenxing pushes the boundaries of LFP chemistry performance, spearheading innovation in the battery industry."

Dan Vardie, the founder and chairman of AUTOBEST, commended CATL's leadership under founder Robin Zeng, describing CATL as a phenomenon in the battery industry with numerous breakthrough technologies. Regarding Shenxing, Vardie stated, "It's another revolution proposed by CATL, benefiting customers globally with much faster recharging times, superior energy density, and heightened safety."

Shenxing battery made its debut in August of the current year and is slated for mass production by year-end. Currently, CATL has partnered with various OEMs to supply Shenxing batteries, including NETA, CHERY, BAIC BJEV, JIDU, VOYAH, and others. Electric vehicles equipped with Shenxing batteries are set to hit the market in the first quarter of 2024.

AUTOBEST's jury meticulously selects awards annually through comprehensive tests, including on-road and on-track driving sessions, establishing a robust and comprehensive evaluation standard within the motoring media. TECHNOBEST stands as one of AUTOBEST's revered accolades, dedicated to acknowledging cutting-edge technologies in the automotive industry.

The AUTOBEST awards ceremony relocates to a different European country each year. The upcoming 23rd AUTOBEST Awards Gala is scheduled for May 2024 in Luxembourg.

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