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Bak Battery N21700CH-58E: Leading High-Capacity Battery Technology


bak battery

Bak Battery's N21700CH-58E high-capacity battery cells are in mass production with an advanced layout and leading technology.

In the research and development of 21700 batteries, Bak Battery has consistently maintained an advanced layout and technological leadership. It continuously breaks through the capacity limits of 21700 battery cells and has successively released and mass-produced 21700-5.0Ah, 21700-5.3Ah, and 21700-5.5Ah battery cell products. Through continuous innovative research and development in the four key materials and structural design of the positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, and electrolyte, Bak's 21700 cylindrical battery performance always leads the industry. It features high energy density, long cycle life, high rate capability, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability, and high safety.

High Nickel + Silicon Anode System

Similar to other products in the same series, Bak Battery's N21700CH-58E battery cells adopt a high nickel + silicon anode system, enabling discharge in a wide temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. This meets the normal usage requirements in extreme environments. The battery has undergone rigorous performance tests, including overcharging, overdischarging, short circuits, drops, heating, vibrations, and compression, demonstrating high safety and reliability. It is suitable for various high-capacity applications, including electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric balance cars, and smart life applications such as robotic vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, smart robots, and portable energy storage.

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