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Cycling 15,000+, CALB exhibits new high-capacity, long-life 314Ah battery cell

RE+ 2023, the world's top energy solutions exhibition, was held in Las Vegas, U.S.A. CALB made a grand debut with its new energy storage core products and system solutions, focusing on the world's first mass-produced and delivered 314Ah high-component energy and long-life energy storage core and the supporting solutions, which gained wide attention from industry users, experts, and media.

The upgraded 314Ah core adopts breakthrough lithium replenishment technology, and its cycle life has been greatly increased to 15,000 times, providing customers with more cost-effective energy storage solutions. At the same time, it provides another strong support for the rapid development of CALB's energy storage business in the world.

Through layers of optimization, the new 314Ah battery cell has a 12% increase in usable capacity and 96% energy conversion efficiency compared to its predecessor 280Ah product; the advanced material system of the battery cell can effectively improve the output efficiency and significantly reduce the loss of active lithium during charging and discharging, achieving zero degradation of the capacity of the battery cell within the first 1,000 cycles. With excellent scalability, the cells can be flexibly customized at the system level to meet the unique energy requirements of different commercial applications.

Facing numerous media interviews, the head of CALB's International Business Division said, "The company's mass production and delivery of 314Ah battery cells made its debut in North America through RE+, marking another important step in the electrochemical energy storage field, which will play a greater role in the process of global carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality. With its leading R&D strength and well-established supply chain, CALB is well-positioned in terms of technology, products, and services to provide more complete energy storage solutions for the sustainable development needs of global customers."

In addition to the 314Ah products that CALB has been showcasing in North America, CALB has been making frequent appearances in the field of energy storage recently. At CESC 2023, the company presented a series of innovative products in the field of energy storage to global customers, including:

Highly integrated 20-foot based liquid-cooled energy storage container solutions with capacities up to 5MWh per container

373kWh all-in-one energy storage systems supporting up to 1P and 215kWh for small to medium sized commercial energy storage applications

Offshore energy storage products with further upgraded weight control and performance, up to 10,000 cycles.

Facing the accelerated competition in the energy storage track, CALB will rely on its many years of experience in the energy storage market, its all-in-one and diversified energy storage product matrix, and its continuously innovative technology strength to work hand in hand with its outstanding partners to witness the "golden age" of the energy storage market under the wave of change in the global energy system, and to contribute to the energy security and sustainable development of the world by effectively fulfilling its responsibility for the energy security and sustainable development of the world. We will fulfill our responsibility for energy security and sustainable development.

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