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Discover MC-I: BYD Energy's Cutting-Edge Industrial Energy Storage Solution


On November 1st, BYD Energy Storage officially launched its new commercial and industrial product, the MC-I, showcasing its commitment to providing superior power services for global commercial and industrial energy storage users. Yang Zhibo, Director of BYD Energy Storage Solution Center, highlighted during the launch:

"BYD Energy Storage possesses a solid foundation as one of the earliest global pioneers in energy storage cells and electrochemical energy storage systems, coupled with an exceptional full-industry-chain R&D capability. Focused on practical energy storage applications and the burgeoning era of commercial and industrial energy storage, the newly designed all-in-one commercial and industrial energy storage system, MC-I, aims to deliver higher-quality power services and empower diverse industries worldwide."

The global launch of MC-I signifies BYD Energy Storage's strategic advantage, precisely entering specialized segments within its product portfolio. It effectively constructs an anchoring service management system, setting a pace that matches market demands for energy storage technology products.

Presently, the commercial and industrial energy storage sector faces numerous challenges such as inadequate safety measures, difficulties in balancing returns, scarcity of land availability, and inefficient and cumbersome operations. MC-I emerges as a breakthrough solution tailored to address the genuine pain points of commercial and industrial energy storage applications.

MC-I boasts two core technologies: first, the use of 350Ah high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries; second, the integration of cell-to-system technology, directly integrating cells into the energy storage system, comprehensively enhancing energy density while saving on space.

byd industrial energy storage system

Key Highlights: Providing superior power services for commercial and industrial energy storage users

High Integration: Offering a one-stop solution, saving time and effort

MC-I is the first integrated commercial and industrial energy storage system that incorporates batteries, BMS, EMS, PCS, and transformers. Its integrated design simplifies installation and deployment processes, plug-and-play functionality saving users considerable time, manpower, and cost.

Active Fire Protection: Achieving preemptive warning and reliable safety

This energy storage system includes built-in exhaust valves, explosion-proof fans to prevent the accumulation of flammable gases. Equipped with sensors for combustible gases, temperature, and smoke, it achieves multi-dimensional preemptive warning, ensuring the system's safe, stable, and reliable operation.

Intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M): Supporting human-machine interaction, worry-free O&M

MC-I supports various operation modes such as peak-valley arbitrage, peak shaving, demand control, demand response, and photovoltaic pairing storage. Supporting human-machine interaction, data visualization, remote management, and utilizing edge computing and AI algorithms for data mining, it ensures optimal strategies, intelligent energy storage, and aids users in enhancing returns.

High Adaptability: Adapting to the global commercial and industrial storage market, meeting diversity

With highly flexible AC output voltage and adaptable PCS selection, MC-I caters to the diverse needs of the global commercial and industrial storage market, enabling renewable energy to reach numerous households and businesses.

Multi-Unit Parallel Connection: Up to 10 cabinets in parallel, expandable to 5MWh level

Utilizing modular design, it offers flexible configurations based on project requirements, allowing up to 10 cabinets in parallel, expandable to 5MWh level. This ensures minimal impact during faults and enables swift and efficient on-site replacements.

Efficient Returns: Reducing energy consumption costs from the source, economically efficient

Leveraging leading technological advantages, MC-I system cycles for over 10,000 times, achieving a system efficiency of 90%, a 5% increase in battery utilization rate. With intelligent manufacturing reducing costs from the source, it proves economically efficient, providing better support for the high-quality development of commercial and industrial energy storage.

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