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BAK Battery Showcases Innovative Semi-Solid Battery Products at CIBF 2024


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Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. (BAK Battery) has made a groundbreaking announcement at CIBF 2024, showcasing its latest semi-solid battery products. These innovative products represent a significant leap forward in battery technology, offering advancements in capacity, size, cycle life, and safety, while also expanding their application fields and accelerating the industrialization process.

#### The Latest in Battery Innovation

BAK Battery's newest semi-solid lithium batteries feature a polymer + oxide composite system, utilizing solid-state electrolyte doping and in-situ curing technology. This approach results in a semi-solid battery with an electrolyte content of 10% or less, achieving an impressive energy density exceeding 350Wh/kg. These batteries are characterized by high energy, high safety, low expansion, low internal resistance, and a wide temperature range.

#### Diverse Applications and Long-lasting Performance

BAK Battery's 30Ah batteries, designed for electric motorcycles, boast a maximum charge/discharge rate of 3C, maintaining over 70% capacity after 3,000 weeks of cycle use. For electric vehicles, the 60Ah and 100Ah batteries offer the same 3C charge/discharge rate, retaining over 80% capacity after 1,500 weeks of cyclic use. These new products highlight BAK Battery's commitment to high performance and safety in solid-state batteries, promoting their scalability and industrialization.

#### Proven Safety and Future Goals

BAK Battery's first-generation semi-solid battery, with an energy density exceeding 320Wh/kg and a cycle life of 1500 weeks, has successfully passed rigorous safety tests, including the 3mm pin probe test and 150íŠ hot-box test. The semi-solid technology has already been applied to digital products, enhancing explosion-proof safety.

With extensive R&D and production experience in lithium polymer batteries, BAK Battery is now validating small-size semi-solid products for digital applications. The company continues to tackle challenges in solid electrolyte materials, interface science, and process flow, driving advancements in professional-grade and consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, automotive electric power, and energy storage.

#### Looking Ahead

BAK Battery is planning to develop semi-solid lithium-metal cathode batteries, aiming to achieve an energy density of 450Wh/kg by the end of 2024. By July of this year, the company expects to achieve significant delivery capacity for its semi-solid batteries. Over the next three to five years, BAK Battery aims to achieve large-scale mass production, offering mature and cost-effective products to customers.

In its pursuit of long-term development goals, BAK Battery will continue to invest in R&D, advance along the technological path of semi-solid batteries, and ultimately aim for full-solid batteries. This dedication will promote high-quality development in the industry and contribute to the global energy transformation and sustainable development.

Stay tuned for more updates from BAK Battery as they lead the charge in battery innovation, driving forward the future of energy storage and application.

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