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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>The advantages of lithium titanate battery used in tower base station

lithium titanate battery

China produced 13.987 billion lithium-ion batteries in 2018, according to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics.According to the national regulations, when the
power battery capacity decays below 80%, mandatory recycling is required.It is estimated that by 2020, China's decommissioned power batteries will reach a total
of about 200,000 tons. It can be said that the first "decommissioning wave" of power batteries has arrived. The recycling and utilization of discarded power batteries
has become an important social issue.

China Tower Company is one of the main users of power battery echelon utilization, and has the title of "king of base stations".Since 2018, all of the company's 2
million base stations have been powered by decommissioned lithium batteries.It is estimated that by 2020, the demand of tower base station can absorb the retired
power batteries of 10 million new energy vehicles, becoming the backbone of resource recycling and environmental protection in the "decommissioning trend".

The basic characteristics of lithium titanate battery

Lithium titanate (LTO) battery usually refers to the lithium ion secondary battery composed of 2.4V or 1.9V with lithium titanate material as the negative electrode,
and lithium manganese acid, ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate and other positive electrode materials.At present, China's largest manufacturer of lithium
titanate batteries is Headquartered in Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., LTD., which has mastered the core technology of lithium titanate batteries, mass produced
lithium titanate batteries and widely applied in new energy vehicles and energy storage.

Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12) has a stable THREE-DIMENSIONAL crystal structure, which is called "zero-strain material". Its structure hardly changes during charging
and discharging, and it has attracted much attention in the cathode material of lithium battery.At the same time, it has the inherent advantages of fast electrochemical
reaction speed, flat discharge platform and up to 1.55V.It can be predicted that in the future, lithium titanate will become a new generation of lithium ion battery cathode
materials and widely used in new energy vehicles and energy storage applications.

The lithium titanate battery developed and produced by Yinlong through the combination of nano-technology and structural control technology has outstanding properties
such as high safety, quick charge and discharge, wide temperature resistance, long life and so on.

The comparative advantage of lithium titanate battery

The power batteries of new energy vehicles mostly adopt nickel series and lithium series. The echelon utilization of these power batteries is praised as the key development
object at present.Among them, lithium batteries are environmentally friendly and pollution-free because they do not contain any heavy metals or rare metals, and have been
widely concerned in energy storage applications.Compared with lead-acid battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium titanate power battery has obvious advantages.
Firstly, the stable operating temperature range of lead-acid battery is 15 ~ 35íŠ, and lithium iron phosphate is -20 ~ 50íŠ.The lithium titanate battery has an ultra wide
temperature range of -50 ~ 60íŠ, which can maintain the excellent performance of the battery in high temperature and low temperature environment.Secondly, lithium titanate
battery has a charge and discharge ratio of 5 ~ 10C, which is higher than that of lithium iron phosphate battery 2C and start-up current ratio above 5C, while lead-acid battery
has no such function.

In addition, compared with lead-acid batteries with a full life cycle of only 5 years or so, lithium titanate batteries still have 10 to 20 years remaining theoretically, with tens of
thousands of deep cycles.Besides, it is small in footprint, light in weight and low in transportation cost. Its weight and volume are 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the same capacity of lead-acid
battery.Its excellent performance, let the same grade of lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and so far behind.

Yinlong Lithium titanate energy storage system

Yinlong Lithium titanate energy storage system can provide customized design for customers, provide stable, safe and reliable communication power supply for base stations,
reduce the risk of communication interruption and system paralysis caused by insufficient power supply or accidental power outage, and is very suitable for tower base stations
to store energy, especially in off-grid mode, with significant advantages.
Compared with tower base stations in the grid-connected mode, tower base stations in the off-grid mode
are mostly distributed in the complex climate, environment and relatively remote areas. If the energy storage battery is not safe and the cycle life is insufficient, regular maintenance
and replacement are required to increase the cost of maintenance, purchase, transportation and installation.

Yinlong lithium titanate battery has a full life cycle of almost no maintenance, effectively saving maintenance costs;No need to replace the battery within the service life, greatly
saving the purchase, transportation, installation cost advantage.Moreover, when the tower base station is under the special climatic conditions with short illumination time, such
as cloudy and rainy days, the lithium yilongtitanate battery can replenish more than 90% of the power in 6 to 10 minutes, thus ensuring the normal operation of the tower base
station.For tower base station under low temperature environment, lithium yilong titanate battery can be used stably without electric heating function, avoiding the situation that
the system starts slowly or even fails to start, and ensuring stable operation of tower base station, which is the best choice for tower base station energy storage.

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