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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>Battery balancer shipped to New Zealand

Battery balancer shipped to New Zealand

A client ordered 2 pcs battery balancer for his battery pack.
One balancer is for a 24v battery pack with 8 cells in series and we provide an 8S battery balancer.

8S battery balancer

Another balancer is for his 12V battery pack with 4 cells in series and 2 in parallel. We provide a
4S2P battery balancer.

They are delivered by FedEx with door to door service and he has ordered 400Ah Winston batteries
and 700Ah LiFeYPO4 batteries, which we will ship them by boat to Auckland next week.

What can a battery balancer do?

1) unlimited expansion: no limitation for the number and way of connection of the batteries;
2) Simple coordination: coordination group is simple: to allow different models of battery voltage
    directly with the same group, allows group of cells with 
some differences in performance; 
3) dynamic equilibrium: either charge or discharge or static set, balance the batteries automatically.
4) parallel balanced: all high-voltage batteries will transfer to all low-voltage batteries; 
5) no pressure drop in series:the balanced modules are connected  in parallel on the battery, battery
    charge and discharge does not affect the work; 
6) Power sharing: all single battery charge sharing, maximize the use of battery power the whole group; 
7) high balance current : the peak current up to 10A, to allow continuous current 6A; 
8) balanced with high precision: after balancing, the voltage difference of each cell is less than 10mV; 
9) low loss of energy: when the balance of current is 1A,the efficiency is as high as 94% ; 
10) wide application :applied for all types and sizes of lithium batteries and lead acid batteries.