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What Is Grade A Or B Lifepo4 Battery Cell?

 brand new grade a cellssinopoly battery

What is A grade battery cell?

The battery factory arranges production according to the production capacity and technical capacity of the factory. After a series of battery manufacturing processes, the final product is delivered to the customer; After mass production of battery cells with the same specifications, it is necessary to measure the cells' rated capacity and internal resistance through a series of testing procedures. And the rated capacity of the cell reaches A predetermined value, the internal resistance is lower than the specified value, and the appearance, performance, and other qualified cell is called Grade A cell.

What is B grade battery cell?

Any factory producing products must have a defect rate. Then this defect rate determines the vitality of a factory. There will not be a big gap between the first-line lithium battery and the third-line lithium battery factory in the lithium industry, purely technology, ingredients, etc. Still, the gap between the defect rate is enormous; the first-tier manufacturers can achieve about 2%. In comparison, the second and third-tier manufacturers are likely to achieve 5-10%. It is precisely because of this defect rate that grade B cell is created. The grade B battery in rated capacity, internal resistance, appearance, or performance and Grade A cell has a certain gap.

All lithium LiFePO4 battery cells like CATL Battery, Sinopoly Battery, CALB Battery, Winston LiFePO4 Battery evlithium provides are brand new A grade LiFePO4 battery cells that guarantee stability and battery consistency.


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