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NMC Battery VS LiFePO4 Battery 

As the power source of electric vehicles, power batteries have various cathode materials. At present, the popular cathode materials in the market are mainly lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials. The batteries of these two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages:

NMC battery(CATL NMC 811 Battery)

NMC batteries are characterized by high energy density and higher voltage, so the same weight of the battery pack battery capacity is larger, the car will run farther, the speed can be faster.But its weakness lies in the poor stability, if the internal short circuit or positive electrode material meets water, there will be open fire.Generally, 18650 batteries are protected with a steel shell. Tesla's battery pack is composed of 7,000 18650 batteries. Therefore, although Tesla provides all-round protection for the battery pack, there are still fire hazards in extreme collision accidents.

According to the pyrolysis characteristics of NMC Batteries, manufacturers will make great efforts in over-charge protection (OVP), over-discharge protection (UVP), over-temperature protection (OTP) and overcurrent protection (OCP).

                                      NMC Battery VS LiFePO4 battery

LiFePO4 Batteries(Winston Battery, Sinopoly Battery, CALB Battery)

The electrode material of lithium iron phosphate batteries is safest of lithium ion battery cathode material, combined with its cycle life reached more than 2000 times, the standard charging rate (5 hours) to use, can achieve the cyclical characteristics of 2000 times, panels even puncture, short circuit will not explode combustion, by the high temperature of 350 íŠ will not fire .So in terms of safety performance, lithium iron phosphate batteries slightly better.

Due to the mature industry and the price of technology threshold and technology decline, so many manufacturers for a variety of factors will be considered to use lithium iron phosphate batteries.It can be said that the rise of new energy vehicles, and lifepo4 batteries have an inextricable relationship.

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