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CALB Power Lithium Battery Is The Main Force Of Lithium Battery

Lithium ion battery can be divided into consumption, power and energy storage according to the energy applications,
the power and energy storage lithium battery are respected in the new energy industy.The share of power lithium battery
in all applications of lithium battery is expected to rise to 70% by 2021 in China according to the prediction of authoritative

CALB Battery

CALB,one of the leading lithium battery manufactures in China,the main products of CALB are lithium ion power batteries
with calb 72ah,calb 100ah,calb 180ah,calb 200ah,calb 400ah cells,etc and its products have been widely used in electric
vehicles, locomotives, energy storage and other civil 
applications and military power supply and other military applications.

We are the leading supplier of CALB Battery in Oceania,North America,Europe and Asia etc,and just feel free to contact us
if you have any demand,we will provide quality CALB cells with superior service for you.

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