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Home > News of Winston Battery/LiFePO4>How many times is the life cycle of ternary lithium battery?

How many times is the life cycle of ternary lithium battery?

In the battery industry, ternary lithium batteries occupies the market with many advantages quickly and gradually replaces the traditional lead-acid battery.
For traditional batteries, ternary lithium battery has a long life, energy saving environmental protection pollution free, low maintenance cost, full charge and
discharge, light weight and other advantages,
How many times is the life cycle of ternary lithium battery?

NMC NCM NCA lithium ion batteries

The theoretical life of ternary lithium battery is about 800 cycles, which is medium in the commercial rechargeable lithium battery.Lithium iron phosphate has
about 2,000 cycles, while lithium titanate battery achives 10,000 more than cycles.
Current mainstream battery manufacturers in their production of ternary
cell specifications promise more than 500 times (under standard conditions), but after the cell is made into a battery pack, due to the consistency problem,
the main voltage and internal resistance can not be exactly the same, its cycle life is about 400 times.The manufacturer recommends that the SOC use
window be 10%~90%, and it is not recommended to conduct deep charging and discharging, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the positive
and negative electrode structure of the battery. If it is calculated by shallow charging and shallow discharging, the cycle life will be at least 1000 times.
In addition, the battery life of a lithium-ion battery can drop significantly to less than 200 times if the battery is frequently discharged at high magnification
and high temperature.

Performance of ternary lithium battery:

At the same capacity, the ternary battery can be charged up to 4.2v, while the lithium iron battery is only 3.7v, so the ternary battery has a higher voltage
platform and energy density.

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