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400Ah LiFePO4 Battery to Russia

We deliver 32pcs 400Ah Winston Battery from Hongkong Airport to Moscow Airport by air.

Russia is a big country but there is no LiFePO4 Battery producer and we are talking with Russia Oil company,one of biggest state owned energy company, to establish a first LiFePO4 Battery manufacturer in Russia. there is a huge demand for high quality LiFePo4 Battery in Russia.the Russia govement try to develop electric vehicles and they need a huge ammounts of high quality lithium battery. many of our clients need LiFePO4 battery produced in China but its hard to deliver the batteries to Russia because of high rate import customs tax. we plan to set up our first LiFePO4 battery factory in second half of 2018 and the produce the LiFePO4 Battery (made in Russia) in second half of 2019.

LiFePO4 Battery RussiaRussia LiFePO4 Battery

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