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CALB SE200 Battery
We have thousands of 200Ah CALB Battery in stock now, they are high quality LiFePO4 Battery with capacity of 200 Ampere Hour. the voltage of each cell is 3.2V.

The 200AH CALB Battery with blue plastic case, was the SE series battery designed by CALB in 2010. with millions of production since 2011, the SE200 Battery is one of most popular big capacity LiFePO4 Battery in the history. it was installed not only in civilian application but also in military. one of the most famous application of SE200 Battery is that the U.S. troops use it in their special vehicles.

CALB SE200 BatterySE200 CALB Battery200AH CALB LiFePO4 Battery

Another classical application of SE200 Battery is Electric bus in Los Angeles International Airport.each 55 seats electric bus installed 300pcs SE200 LiFePO4 Battery. the first 20 sets electric buses has been in operation over 7 years since 2010. 

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