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60AH Winston Battery in stock !
60Ah Winston Battery massive in stock for sales for Germany and Russia markets.
most of them are pacakged in 12V60Ah LiFePO4 Battery bank with jpgs and straps.
TSWB-LYP60AH LiFePO4 Batteries are produced by Winston Battery Limited Shenzhen Factory.
the dimenison of 60Ah Winston Battery is 114x61x203mm, the weight is 2kg.
as high quality LiFePO4 Battery, its widely used on electric vehicle and energy storage system.
we could deliver the batteries to you by air or by sea if you order in bulk.

60Ah Winston Battery Germany60Ah Winston Battery In stock12V60Ah Winston Battery 60Ah Winston Battery Russia12V60Ah Winston Battery RussiaWB-LYP60AHA Winston Battery

60Ah Winston Battery are pack by plywood case each of plywood case filled by 30pcs 60Ah Winston Battery and the gross weith is 81kg.we could provide carton package specaily for shipment by air.

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