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foundation of CALB New Factoryconstruction ceremony of CALB new factory
CALB now is appraise and selected by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, to be the qualified lithium battery supplier of the new energy electric vehicle project,which is dominated by the Chinese Central government and local governments.
CALB now has very big press on providing lithium batteries to their domestic clients,most of them are giant Auto company,who has very big plan on producing electric vehicles. the second production facility was built in jiangsu province in 2014,invested by CALB and some other financial investors. the total investment over 1 billion US$ and it would be biggest LiFePO4 production factory in China from 2017 after it was built completely.CALB dominated the investment and technology. the form boss of the CALB,who is retired from CALB luoyang company, is the new boss of this company.
With the back of government and Chinese Aviation Group,CALB becomes one of biggest LiFePO4 manufacturer of China. They have enough money and attracted best engineers and invested on high quality production lines.

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