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About Winston Battery
Winston Battery
 is a pioneer on LiFePO4 technology since 1998.Now, Winston Battery Limited becomes a leading LiFePO4 battery producer all over the word. Winston Battery mainly production facility located in Shenzhen,China.Winston Battery Limited delivers over 20million Ampere Hour high quality  LiFePO4 battery from Shenzhen to the clients all over the world by sea and by air every year.Winston Battery, as qualified lithium iron phosphate battery is widely used on electric vehicles and energy storage projects. Winston Battery is widely popular from North America to Europe, from Russia to South Africa. Winston battery cells have different capacity,they are 40Ah, 60Ah, 90Ah, 100Ah, 130Ah, 160Ah, 200Ah, 260Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 700Ah and 1000Ah. Winston Battery is more and more popular,so the second bigger factory is under construction in Xia Men, southeast of China mainland, around 600km away from Hongkong. the new factory would be ready to produce cells from 2017 and it would help Winston Battery provide high quality LiFePO4 in short time after clients place order.

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