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Home > Hot Product>6.6KW OBC on board charger for lifepo4 battery

6.6KW lifepo4 OBC on board charger 

Our 6.6KW lithium iron phosphate OBC on board charger is a big seller. Using an On-board Charger (OBC), you can charge your
battery from an AC sourceat home or from a socket in a private or public charging station.
 Our products can be used in European
standard,American standard recharging gun and socket
. The on board charger also can charge the lead-acid battery, lithium battery, 
Ni-cad battery and so on.
You can use this charger in your electric cars, buses, Kart, Atv, and boats.

 6.6kw on board boat battery charger for lifepo4 batteryOBC on board charger with cc and cp battery charger

Our products also have the following advantages

High power density, small size, light weight;

The CP and CC signals are also compatible

High safety: Short circuit Protection, Reverse connect protection, Overheating protect, Input protection.

long lifespan,high efficiency

The parameters of on board charger are as follows

A fully enclosed variable frequency charger

Product name:

6.6kw on board battery charger

Rated output power flow:


Input Voltage:


Cell type:

Lead-acid battery / lithium ion battery

Output Voltage:




Single package size

53X32X23 cm


EV car motorcycles boats

Transfer efficiency


For most new energy car owners, charging at the destination should be the most ideal way to avoid the trouble of frequent
charging stations.

The on-board charger is the direct current required to convert alternating current into battery and determines the power and
efficiency of charging.
Therefore, the improvement of OBC technology can improve users' charging experience.

OBC charger,TC charger, Tiecheng Charger,6.6kw OBC charger for Lithium batteryon board  charger with CANBUS communication

If you have any needs, please contact customer service for specific parameter requirements of the OBC on board charger.

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