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24V 800Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack 

Here is the wire plan of the 24V800Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack, it made by 16 units 400Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 battery cells. we first parallel 2 of the 400Ah cells for a 800Ah Battery bank and then series 8 of the battery bank to get a voltage of 24V battery pack.

24V400Ah Winston Battery LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Dimension of the battery pack is 920x520x285mm. and total weight is around 228kg. and total is around 20kwh. We provide full power solution for the battery pack with connectors, bolts and wire plan technical support. 

Advantage of the 24V800Ah battery pack energy storage system.

1. very simple to assembling

2. super long cycle life.
3. good performance on high temperature and low temperature environment.
4. good performance on high discharging rate.
5. fast delivery and 3 years warranty.

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