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100KW/215KWh All-in-One Outdoor Lithium Inverter Battery Energy Storage System

Energy storage system
All-in-One Integration 100KW/215KWh Outdoor Liquid-cooling Battery Energy Storage Cabinet

all-in-one bess

Cost-Effective and High-Performance

Our solution is an all-in-one package: Battery packs, charge controller, BMS, EMS, and PcS, all integrated into a single unit with a highly efficient three-level topology to optimize system efficiency. It features a unique single-group and series design that eliminates parallel capacity loss.

Safety and Dependability

Our standard cabinet comes with fire system isolation, state-of-the-art liquid-cooling technology, combustible gas detection, and an FM200 fire extinguishing system, ensuring the safety and controllability of the system.

Smart and User-Friendly

Our system is versatile, compatible with 400V grid systems, and supports a range of applications including peak-shaving, demand control, backup power, and frequency regulation. It also offers monitoring and fault recording capabilities. Operational data can be accessed via WiFi, 5G, LAN, and other interfaces, facilitating remote operation.

Simple Installation

Our solution is a plug-and-play, turnkey system that can be easily scaled to meet any energy requirements.






The All-in-One liquid-cooled energy storage terminal adopts the design concept of 'ALL in one,' integrating high-security, long-life liquid-cooled batteries, modular liquid-cooled PCS, intelligent energy management system, battery management system, efficient liquid-cooled thermal management system, fire safety system, all within a single standardized outdoor cabinet. It helps customers establish distributed energy storage capabilities
all-in-one components
Ultimate Safety
Electrical compartment separation in the battery compartment effectively prevents potential hazards caused by the accumulation of flammable gases.
high safety
high energy density

Highly efficient thermal stability, 20% increase for life cycle DC Round trip Rate up to 91%£»

Seamless parallel operation without capacity loss

Supports mixed usage of new and old battery cells


Smart and Flexible
Modular design, Scalable up to 10 cabinets in Parallel
Play -and –Plug on site
Automatic on & off-grid switch in s/ms
Easy installation£¬High availability
Supports multiple communication protocols such as Modbus 
TCP/RTU, MQTT, IEC 104, etc., for a more user-friendly
centralized control

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